Ready to embrace cannabis? In the final part of "Your Essential Guide to Cannabis Wellness" we look at various ways of incorporating CBD into your wellness rituals.


What CBD product should I use? Fundamentally there are 2 ways of using CBD:

  • OUTSIDE IN  - anything applied onto the skin, including topical products, creams, sprays & salves
  • INSIDE OUT - anything taken in through your internal systems, including oils ingested or absorbed under the tongue, digestion through capsules, effervescents or food & beverage products as well as inhalation through the lungs, like with vapes.

Which product is best for my needs?


The most common way of taking CBD is ingesting it, typically through a few drops of CBD oil placed directly under the tongue (roughly 20 minutes to take effect) or mixed with food or a cold beverage (roughly 2 hours to take effect).

This is the best option for those wanting to treat an ongoing condition or concern in the long term, as after 10-14 days the CBD has fully adapted to the integration of CBD and is optimised to regularly restore homeostasis ("balance") in the body.


More recently, vapes have come to the fore as a socially applicable way to microdose frequently during the day, as they are convenient to carry around and the effects are almost instantaneous.

This is the best option for those wanting to treat situational issues, such as social anxiety or cigarette cravings, as the results are immediate. However, these effects are short lived and vapes do not offer sustained relief as a long term treatment option.


CBD also has a high absorption rate through the skin which is why its use has resulted in incredibly effective topical products for targeted, localised relief of various ailments. It also contributes significantly to general skin health.

This is the best option for treating a targeted area of pain or inflammation on the body, such as a sore ankle or eczema break out. For more chronic or acute conditions like arthritis, topical creams are recommended in conjunction with a daily dose of CBD drops.


Beverages, using water soluble CBD have been developed and require less CBD to achieve the same effect as other mediums due to its higher absorption rate and quicker activation time in the body



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