CBD - A Patient's Guide To Medical Cannabis


by Booksite Afrika

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An incredibly comprehensive book offering informative content and advice on using CBD as a non-toxic alternative to pharmaceuticals in the treatment of diseases and medical conditions - including cancers, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, auto-immune related illness, inflammation and insomnia.

The reader is walked through the concept of the relatively recently discovered endocannabinoid system, with the authors explaining the science behind the compound and leaning on case studies, interviews and the most current research available on CBD as a basis for their writing.

Not only do they offer guidance on dosage and potential side effects, but they also provide information on the different forms in which CBD is available and advice about selecting the right one for various ailments. The book also looks at current trends in the legalisation of CBD and the potential it has to fight the opioid epidemic. There’s even a section on using CBD for the treatment of common health issues and illness in pets.

A useful read and point of reference for doctors, patients and pet owners alike.