Advantages of African Botanicals

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As the cannabis industry continues to gain global momentum at an astounding pace with more contenders throwing their hat into the ring with every passing law, the development...

Cooking with Canna Butter

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Try this recipe for cannabutter - a staple base ingredient for cooking with good leaf. Taken out of the incredible 'Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen' recipe book.

CBD is Skin Deep

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Many are quick to dismiss CBD skincare products as the latest trend, but the truth is that cannabidiol is an incredible compound with real benefits for skin -...

Your Car Needs Cannabis

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Fossil fuels are depleting and the carbon footprint of modern existence is escalating. Enter, hemp as biofuel - a sustainable substitute for diesel engines.

Four Legs and the Leaf

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Dogs and cats, like humans and other vertebrates, have endocannabinoid systems. CBD interacts with the receptors in these systems to help support the overall wellbeing of animals and target...

Good Habits

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Tucked away between Northern California farm country is a modest ranch growing a quintessential California export – marijuana. It’s here that the Sisters of the Valley started an...

The Endocannabinoid Mutant of Scotland

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We’ve all heard of the Loch Ness monster. But have you heard about the Endocannabinoid Mutant of Scotland?   At 8 years old, Jo Cameron broke her arm....

Hemp: A buzzword

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According to the findings of a recent study at Colorado State University, hemp crops are doing wonders to help maintain bee diversity.

Charlotte's Web

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How CBD helped alleviate one’s child’s acute form of epilepsy

Introducing Select CBD

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Select CBD is now available through Africa's first premium store!