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Harnessing the anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties of CBD in combination with African botanical oils, we've formulated a range of three product lines to Soothe, Nourish & Cleanse your skin.

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Inspiring stories from our community

My husband has started using your drops since Saturday. He hasn't complained about back or neck pain that he usually suffers from and is sleeping like a baby!

Farushka Oosthuizen - Goodleaf CBD 1000mg Drops

I’ve tried many CBD creams and none of them can compare to this product. After the first application my pain was manageable, then after a few days and night my pain was pretty much non existent.

Eric - Dr. Kerklaan: Natural CBD Pain Cream.

The hemp seed oil does not block the pores, can keep the pores clean. Marijuana herbal essence contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and soothing effects and the vitamin E can slow down the process of skin decline.

Hokk Fabrica - Herb essntls: Cannabis Infused Moisturizer

I've tried quite a few CBD topicals, and none have worked as well as this one. Got me through a long day on my feet.

Amanda C - Dr. Kerklaan: Natural CBD PMS Cream

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Your CBD Journey Starts Here

As a premium CBD brand, goodleaf is devoted to bringing you the best products from carefully sourced manufacturers. We are passionate about sharing our deep-rooted cannabis knowledge, promoting wellness through our range of high-quality products for health, happiness and overall well-being. Our CBD online shop is where you will find all-natural drops, cbd vapes, topical cbd cream, cbd beverages, and sexual wellness products - all lab tested to ensure the highest level of quality. 

CBD has fast become a newly appreciated gift of nature. Derived from the cannabis plant, it has been used throughout the ages for its medicinal value. When THC (the compound responsible for the ‘high’ of cannabis) is removed, the result is a pure, highly beneficial derivative that helps to provide a better quality of life. While studies are still emerging, what we do know is that this plant has many benefits - from pain relief to sleep management, skincare, and many more. At goodleaf, we always ensure that all products in our CBD online store can be traced back to the source, and we use internationally produced cannabidiol from trusted manufacturers. 

Your Trusted Source for CBD Online

A trusted source for quality CBD online, goodleaf is South Africa’s leading source for safe, tested products. All of our products can be safely used on a daily basis, with dosage clearly marked. 

Our signature goodleaf range of drops contain organic hemp-derived CBD and MCT oil, with 1000mg and 1500mg strengths available. Derived from organically grown hemp, our extract is lab-tested and produced under stringent quality standards. We stock the award-winning Select CBD range too, which has been consistently rated for its purity, flavour and potency. This range includes drops, disposable vapes, patches and topicals. 

We also offer the Dr. Kerklaan range, forged after over two decades of medical experience. This consists of natural pain relief in a collection of hemp-derived topicals. For natural, plant-powered skincare, Herb essntls offers a collection of cannabis-infused products for men and women. Thanks to its high omega ratio, cannabis perfectly balances the skin and retains its natural moisture.

We also offer a collection of products for sexual health and wellness, along with a range of lifestyle products that promote overall well-being. Each of our products has been carefully tested in trusted laboratories to ensure that you have full peace of mind at all times when you buy CBD online at goodleaf.

In addition to our online store, our flagship retail store brings goodleaf goodness to the heart of the Cape Town city centre. Situated in the East City precinct, the store pioneers a unique retail experience. Its unique amphitheatre layout provides the ideal space for education events aimed at creating awareness and bringing together the cannabis community. This is a store that is breaking boundaries and paving the way as the first premium CBD store to open its doors in South Africa. 

We will continue our mission to revolutionise the rise of cannabis-based products in South Africa. With new products added on a regular basis and many exciting products to be launched, goodleaf is committed to providing our customers with a safe, nurturing space to purchase CBD oil online.

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